What can I say about Jamey’s ministry? Wow! Wow! Wow!

Our church hosted Jamey Ragle for an evangelistic event and to encourage our church body. What can I say about Jamey’s ministry? Wow! Wow! Wow! We had an incredible time with Jamey and we also had great responses during our invitations at each service. I cannot tell you enough, the benefit and blessings of this remarkable and gifted communicator. His humor had our church rolling in laughter and we were all encouraged in our faith. I would highly recommend that you prayerfully consider inviting Jamey to your church and allowing his ministry to bless your people and community. It is a wonderful thing to see and hear people laughing and enjoying themselves in God's house and to especially see hearts getting right with God. Thank you Jamey, for your ministry and for allowing God to use you to share His love and to encourage the Body of Christ. Pastor Steve Huff Mount Carmel Baptist Church in Cleveland, Tn.

Pastor Steve Huff
Mount Carmel Baptist Church

-Pastor Steve Huff

What can I say about Jamey’s ministry? Wow! Wow! Wow!

It is my high honor to recommend the ministry of Jamey Ragle.

It is my high honor to recommend the ministry of Jamey Ragle. For years, I heard glowing testimonies of Jamey’s ministry & how God continues to use his ministry around the globe touching lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the greatest privileges of my life is calling Jamey a friend. Jamey graciously reached out to me at the zenith of his ministry and I have always said “The greats are gracious.” It has also been said: “Greatness is doing something for another that they could never do for you.” Jamey reached out to me right after leaving my Capitol Hill career “by faith” to preach the Gospel as an itinerant speaker. Jamey became a mentor to me both personally and professionally.

Over the years, we have grown as good friends and it never gets old seeing how God uses Bro Jamey with such precision and power. I have seen him captivate a massive crowd with the glorious Gospel and also ministered with him on various cruise ships as the keynote speaker. The crowds love him because He loves Christ and people. Hands down, he is one of the most gifted communicators of our generation and his application of Scripture coupled with comedy has inspired millions and personally seen thousands come to faith in Christ over the years. Jamey will tell you it is ALL Christ. We both serve as advisory board members of PRAISEFEST MINISTRIES ‘Cruise with a Cause’ and its been one of the highlights of my ministry to see him up close. Many know the man “on stage” but truth be told what I admire about him most is the times he poured into others and me individually. Yes, he has spoken to massive crowds but like Christ he always had time for an individual at the well. Jamey has been a minister to me on many occasions and he is on my speed dial when I need advice, encouragement or prayer.

Jamey loves Jesus today as much as any man I know and he constantly has ministered to me over the past few years. Regardless if he was preaching at FBC of Jacksonville, FL or country church he always give his all in service to our risen Lord. He compliments the pastor, motivates the church & has a God given gift to draw the net to usher souls into the Kingdom. Its my privilege to be staff evangelist at The Fellowship Church in White Plains, MD and we had Jamey come in earlier this year and hands down had one of the greatest day of revival at our church. The church LOVED him and pastor was already in talks of scheduling him back before he left the parking lot. Jamey is real. He is a walking revival and a living example of God’s restoration. Jamey not only preaches grace – but a product of it. We both co-authored BLESSEDNESS OF BROKENNESS with various authors and although I was always a fan from afar this season of his ministry has never been more powerful. It is without hesitation that I recommend to you the man, ministry and message of Jamey Ragle. When you hear Jamey- you see JESUS. Don’t delay – allow one of God’s choice servants to bless your community today.”

-Evangelist Frank Shelton

It is my high honor to recommend the ministry of Jamey Ragle.

Jamey Ragle is a man who is committed to kingdom building

“Jamey Ragle is a man who is committed to kingdom building. He has a heart for people and longs to see them reach their full potential, to become all that Christ has called them to be. I have had Jamey in my church several times and look forward to when we can have him back again. He will sure make you laugh and forget about life's problems for a little while!

If you are looking for a speaker to come in and create some excitement have fun all while communicating the gospel in a clear and concise way I would highly recommend Jamey Ragle. Full of enthusiasm and excitement you will happy that you did.”

-Pastor Bryan Shufelt

Jamey Ragle is a man who is committed to kingdom building

“Our altars were filled each night”

Dear Friends,

We have had the joy of hosting Evangelist Jamey Ragle in 2010 and 2011. Both times we witnessed a great move of God. During a one day meeting last year we saw many lives changed including 16 people making decisions to be Christ followers. This year during our fall revival (yes we still do that) altars were filled each night and lives were touched as Jamey preached and shared his journey. God’s hand is upon Jamey and his ministry and we will gladly invite him again soon.

If you are seeking an evangelist who will preach Truth and not mince words, Jamey is the man. Plus, you will have the blessing of laughing until the paramedics arrive!

I ask you to consider contacting my friend and brother to schedule your next revival, Harvest Sunday or other special event. You will not be disappointed!

Serving Him Together,

Richard Culpepper,
Senior Pastor,
Harvest Baptist Church,
Covington, Ga.

-Richard Culpepper, Senior Pastor


“Our altars were filled each night”